When can I move in? Q: What advantages are there to eating on campus? Check them out here http://ninejix.wix.com/suppertime! The dining hall can only be used by students who are part of the meal plan. Q: Who do I contact when the equipment in my room/apartment are not working? Q: Who do I report to if other students bring crockeries out of the dining hall? You may utilize the meal credit during the meal serving time at the dining hall. Q: How do I collect/receive a parcel/mail? Q: What are the differences between KV1 and KV2? We need to be informed of any amendments/cancellation at least 30 days in advance. No worries! You can check with OHS college management on the charges for such usage which is subjected to approval from OHS. There are no wireless internet services in the rooms. Yes. As such, you are strongly advised to plan out your meal credits carefully before inviting friends/family members to have meals with you. This would ensure that our University Housing remains a viable and self-sufficient cost centre; that provides for a conducive and affordable housing to attract and retain eligible faculty members. You can book the MPSH, Theme Room, Flying Seed and the Dining Hall. No, the system does not allow forfeited meals to be listed out based on dates. You can do it on the myaces website. Q: Who can I contact to request for baby cots/cribs? The mailbox can be used to receive letters and small packages (which can fit in the slot). Fairprice Express at UTown opens until 9.30pm everyday. Q: How do I get to the Kent Ridge/Bukit Timah Campuses? Q: Can Meal Plan credits be carried over to the next semester? Q: How do I collect my meals and can I bring my friends/family member to eat with me? Using the meter ID and password, log on to nus-utown.evs.com.sg. Apply here: https://myaces.nus.edu.sg/prjrca/ For more info: ... Called Tap4You, the initiative will see participating RC4 residents “tap out” a meal credit from their account for the ... news.nus.edu.sg. We have several facilities such as the Gym, Badminton courts, a Multi-Purpose Court, Tennis courts, Music Rooms, and BBQ pits. Student’s Pass: Please bring along the official letter from ICA (IPA letter) stating that the Pass is still processing. For check out after 2 weeks of Official check in date, the student is liable for entire semester payment. You may then submit a request through your department’s HR personnel. Living on campus is exciting and rewarding. Title: Lexicon totius latinitatis O Po Forcellini Aegidio, Corradini Franciscus, Perin Josephus, 1940, Author: librinostri1, Length: 361 pages, Published: 2015-04-29 The Meal Plan starts with a dinner as most students check in during the day. If you intend to check in earlier, you may do so during the early check in period (1 week prior to the official check in date). Students are usually in class and out of UTown during this period. Q: How do I check out before the official check out date? share.nus.edu.sg/corporate/forms/finance/Payments. Q: Will there be a halal option in the dining hall? Married apartment: Induction cooking hot plates are installed in the kitchen, please cook using induction cooking hot plates which are installed in the kitchen or use the microwave oven provided. The earliest check in date is one week before the official check in date subject to availability of your room. Any penalty charges for over staying? If you run out of coins, coin ­changing machines are available in the laundry room on Levels 8 and 14. The Arena (Theme Room 3) is open to all CAPTains, 24/7! How can I change or substitute it? Resident Assistants (RAs) are friendly and approachable CAPTains who help to oversee the residential life aspect at CAPT. Q: Can alcohol be consumed in the dining hall? The dining vendor develops the menus but is reviewed by OHS and the dining committee members from the colleges. Cleanliness and maintenance of the dining hall would be the full responsibility of the event organiser. All exchange students were in the same boat of not knowing anyone, but eager to meet everyone. During office hours, our contact no. The Reading Room is dedicated to reading and quiet studying. For check out before start of Official Check in date, Acceptance fee is forfeited and student pays till check out date. 16 apps to the rescue. For the purpose of hygiene, put all your general rubbish into a plastic bag and dispose of it in the refuse chute, instead of the pantry/toilet bin. Q: I am not aware that I need to apply for my vacation stay, now what do I do? IMPORTANT: Please remember to bring your Student Card when you visit the Dining Hall. Salary/honorarium deduction is arranged unless otherwise stated. You will be required to pay $60.00 for loss of access card and $30.00 for loss of residence key. (Most on-campus accommodation comes with compulsory meal plans) For Residential Colleges in University Town, the cost of the meal plan is $8.00 per day (incl. Seminar Rooms 1 and 2 are located on Level 1, behind the Multi-Purpose Hall, whereas Seminar Rooms 3 to 6 are located on Level B1 under the Dining Hall. Meals will be served six days per week - Monday to Friday (Breakfast and Dinner); Saturday (Breakfast) and Sunday (Dinner). Please contact the Allocation Team at ohsalloc@nus.edu.sg. You will need to bid for your faculty modules. Follow up 2: Check with Registrar office to see if your card is faulty. Student’s Pass: Please bring along the official letter from ICA (IPA letter) stating that the Pass is still in processing. We will then email to OFS to check. You will need to apply for vacation stay. once you have checked out, your meal plan will be terminated. They need not pay to collect the food. Non-NUS students – These may be students from other schools and universities on organized holiday study camps, holiday programs, and summer schools not arranged by NUS. The College Fellowship includes both resident and non­resident fellows ­ these are professors and faculty members of the University, all of whom are involved in teaching modules and in the living and learning programmes of the College both in and out of the classroom. 30 pax). Immediately report to Registrar’s office to report lost and have a replacement card done up. This message is sent on behalf of Kwansei Gakuin University, Japan. Q: How do I receive a parcel/registered letter? What is the difference between bidding and balloting? news.nus.edu.sg With a new initiative by NUS Residential College 4 (RC4) interest group RC4lunteers, students will have increased chances to interact with migrant workers through meal-sharing. Yes, if students are on scholarship/bursaries/financial aid/stipend. Q: Am I allowed to do up advertisements or decorations in the dining halls? )Singapore 138597, Cinnamon Residential College22 College Avenue East#xx-xxx (your unit no.

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