Once you get here you'll be introduced to Clay. Kill the COV and then Brayden The Annointed. Spawn in at either of the fast travel stations, though I chose Knotty Peak which is 1 on the map, and make your way to the waypoint marker. Of course we're not going there yet though, we have plenty left to do down here on Promethia! Challenge wise we only have the Typhon stuff, and one Claptrap to grab, and the rest of this will be mission stuff. Before we head for the alternative route we're going to finish the last couple of challenges in the area so head to 29 to get the Typhon Deaddrop behind the waterfall, which is in the area below 7, 8, and 9 (level 43) and then 30 for a Hijack Target. The barrel catapult launcher is a mechanical throwing arm that hurls explosive barrels that explode on impact, with the entire assembly mounted on the rotating turret. Once you've done in the vault head back out and talk to Tannis, who will promply get stolen away. Collecting the Hijack Vehicle got me to level 37. Once you take the gun from Typhon, you'll unlock: While you're in here, to the left of the stand is the last Typhon Log. Follow the balcony around to get the red chest for this area. Sell anything you don't want apart from one item, and then go to your social menu, and from there, into the mail tab again (where you checked to see if you had any preorder bonuses and the like) and press . Once Hostile Takeover finishes you will unlock: The Impending Storm will start. The Objective here is to kill everything so shoot away. Make Dynasty Dash your active quest. Hammerlock will also have Malevolent Practice so grab this and head to the Anvil so we can do this one right away. Assuming your car hasn't been destroyed, head over to 8 and stop the car in the space. Once you've managed that just press the button on the wall to call the elevator back up and drop down the elevator shaft so you're stood atop the elevator as it rises. Domino will direct you to a portapotty which is pretty much at 20. Once you're at 8 Bloodflap will spawn and come out from over a ramp. Open the boxes until you find the sauce and then return to Tina when instructed. Most enemy technicals are extremely fast and can outrun even the venerable Light Runner. Press the button then hunt down the 5 dynamites that you need. We're on to the last chunk of the story, so let's plow right on. Once you get to the other side at 8, when you find enemies, you'll hear your next Crimson Radio location. This will cause the wall to crumble away and unblock the exit. He electrifies the floor which will rinse through your shields, though it was patched that he won't electrify the whole floor. Go back to 4 and climb up on to the buildings behind the porta potty. Open it as a reward for a job well done. Once again, I haven't done a map for this area, as we're only here to get a quest. Before we move on to the next quest marker head to 7 for the next Typhon Log and then to 8 to get into position for the next Crimson Radio Tower. Follow Rhys-ball back to the terminal in the corridor and wait for him to hack it. From the radio tower head to 8 where you'll find On the Blood Path. This is shared across all of your characters so if you have something you don't want but don't want to sell, or something you want to pass over to another character this is the place to put it. It's a bit of awkward jumping and narrow ledges, but nothing too hard. Make it active and head forwards and through the gate just below you. Use this to fly upwards, and once you're in the top part use the vent again to reach a red chest at the back of the room. Press and while in the map tab press [cn_y] to go to orbit view. Now pick any machine apart from the VAULT LINE machine and play until you win a grenade to the face. Start making your way back to the main mission objective, calling in at 10 for a Dead Claptrap and at 11 to get a Crimson Radio Tower. Carry on until you place the last key. The first objective will be to head through a portal which is right at 2. As these two quests don't involve any cross over, and I'm a big believer in doing side stuff first, make this quest active and go to your map or the fast travel station to head down planet side. Once you reach Troy's camp at 8, kill everyone and press the button to drop the bomb. Once you get the grenade you will unlock, Head back to Earls from here and buy anything you want that you can afford. This walkthrough is the property of TrueAchievements.com. In this area there are three other busts that glow red. Pages using duplicate arguments in template calls, https://borderlands.fandom.com/wiki/Bandit_Technical?oldid=483853, Critical hit damage is increased by equipping critical hit damage-boosting items (including weapons like sniper rifles or the. Speaking of unlocking you'll also have unlocked; Now set course for Eden-6 and as before head down to Ellie to use a drop pod to get down to the planet's surface, an area called Floodmore Basin. Take one out if you can. Once this done she'll leave you to go read books, and this gives us the opportunity to go kill the Chupacabratch, one of the legendary hunt creatures. She isn't particularly tough but she has some attacks that will do a lot of damage. Now that all of the crew challenges are taken care of we can head off and kill Megamind so head to 18 and once he's cut a door for you run through and get ready for the boss. I won't include this in every section, as sometimes we'll be in an area purely to start a mission and head to a new area or something like that, so while I might include a map to show a route through we might not be ticking anything off. While you're in the car, head over to 12 and find your first Typhon Log. If you can't do it it does still work if multiple people are shooting, but it only unlocks the achievement for the person who presses the button to start the shooting range so you might need to take it in turns so everyone gets the achievement. Buy the microtransaction and then talk to Mickey to be done with this quest. We're literally passing through here to get to where we're going. Head through towards 6 and interact with everything you can, the last couple things only becoming available after everything else has been touched. Yes, you can’t negotiate your way into some fancier wheels in this game. tymanbizzari606 (GoldenChainsaw) February 29, 2020, 4:04am #2. community members have thanked the author. You'll see a Jakobs weapons chest by the fire place and a bust statue next to it. Once you spawn in head to Ava's room, which is in the corridor leading to the bridge, place her 5 items, and then talk to Ava to complete the quest. Find your way along the path and drop into the arena for a short cutscene, and then fight Tyreen. Kill everything and get the loot and head back to 3 to give him the goods. I'll also say that, while the guide is built around following the route from A to B to C (or 1 to 2 to 3 as it were), the Borderlands games are built around exploration and having fun. Head inside the Vault and grab the Eridian Analyzer. Fight your way ahead and go to 3, which is the transition to Atlas HQ. When you find Truant it should be noted he is resistant to incendiary damage and cryo damage. Once everything is dead press the button to free Bloodshine, and kill her. We'll be getting that one on our second run through the Droughts. Carry on through and drop down to 19 for the boss fight. We need two more quest items, the first of which is in the centre of the room by a large pillar, the second one over at the back of the room by another pillar. We start, as always, at 1 so head to the shops that are right by us if you need to and once we've done that go to 2. Finding him, or at least the area he's in, got me to level 4. Once they're dead head over to 13 to pick up Sell Out and make it active. Once you're in a room with a cage in the centre you need to fight some ratch. At 15, you'll find a legendary hunt to kill the Manvark and then the Tinyvark, both are pretty easy. The last Typhon Log is in the centre on top of the tunnel. There's not much we can do here so do any buying and selling you need to, and then go see Tannis and give her the fragment, and then go see Lilith. Once you're ready, head up to the bridge and talk to Lilith. Inside here is our second red chest. For Borderlands 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Huh, just found a Bandit Technical Skin that had Lilith in a bikini on the hood." Fast travel or run here, just don't be shocked I haven't done a map for this section of things. Once you've found all 5 (as they're relatively close together rather than numbers I've used red dots to mark their locations) kill everything you can see and once prompted put the livers in the barrel. This area is very small with not a lot to it, only having two red chests and no crew challenges. Kill these, as well as the varkids and rakk that always get involved. Archived. 2nd run through, for damn fine rescue, need bandit vehicle to honk horn to get in gate. Make this one active and get ready to head back home to Pandora! It's called Opposition Research but for now keep Space-Laser Tag active and once prompted plug the viper drive into the marked console. Head to the objective marker and melee the vines in the way of the button, and then interact with the button itself to activate the Catch a Ride and the vending machines, as well as turning off the forcefield. Go to 3 which is the Maliwan camp. Before Katagawa bot was killed the room you can drop down to here was blocked off. After this first lot are dead Apollo will come out, kill him and grab the valve that he drops. You need to pick up 5 skag meat and 5 succulents. This will unlock: Congratulations! Go from here to 16 and grab Under Taker, then talk to Sid. The disc-shaped blades are oriented horizontally, much like a thrown frisbee. I got the Ultimate Edition of the game so I had a fair amount of stuff including a decent pistol and shield, but if you don't have anything, you won't be at any real disadvantage. This one is out in the open but can be missed easily because it's hidden in plain sight. I've marked it as 11 on the map. One will be called Coffee Runner, and he'll drop the mug. The quest markers will take you to Moxxi's step by step. Once you've done everything we're here for head back to Floodmoor Basin, spawning in at Knotty Peak. Celebrate the return of the original shooter-looter with this unique bandit mask! I think Typhon would have approved. They'll lead to a door which will open right up for you. The first one is in the building to your left as you enter, at 5, up some stairs. It's a varkid that should be pretty easy for us by now, especially if you have a corrosive gun. After the cutscene you'll complete In the Shadow of Starlight and unlock: Complete mission “In the Shadow of Starlight”. Once you reach the quest marker at 18, you'll need to find another way to access the lab, so look up and shoot the red glowing pipe and hop down. Once you're at 25 kill all the enemies and then jump up on to the top of the building in the middle to be able to shoot the generator on the other side of the forcefield. Again make this active right away and head to the quest marker over at 8. For the battery you'll need to climb up the building, doing some running jumps to get to the ladders needed to climb. Avoid her attacks, which are very easily telegraphed, and shoot her when she isn't immune to damage. There'll be another fight but once everyone is dead you can grab the ID from on top of the speaker. I had to head away so that they stopped attacking me and pick them off one by one. So, at this point we have two quests left that take place here in the Droughts. There'll be an automaton on the ground missing it's head, interact with this and then wait to head through the doors. Spray your artwork and once get your electric and corrosive weapons ready for a fight with the Sheriff bot that turns up. Kill this one too to complete Irregular Customers and then switch back to The Guns of Reliance so we can head to Fort Sunshine. While you're over here grab the Typhon Log at 8 too. Once you interact with the vat in here Murl will give you a weapon, a fire shotgun. You'll next get an objective marker to head further into the map, but we want to work our way over to 3 where we'll find our first Typhon Log. Once we have the last Typhon log and the fragment, we'll be ready to head back to Sanctuary, but not until we have the dead drop. Follow Brick around the corner and speak to Mordecai to complete this one and then head back to Sanctuary for the main quest. Speak to the doctor here and he'll send you off to three quest points. Now head to Pa at 13 to get The Homestead (Part 3) and make this active. Ah well. This leaves us with only the main quest so fast travel down to Meridian Metroplex. Welcome to your first vault of the game! Once you're on your way to getting Bloodflap, you'll pass by Reliance, which we'll be coming back for in a little bit. This is the last one we can get for now, the last one being in a building that doesn't open until a main mission later on. Run into them so that you get damaged by the explosion. Tina will first direct you to get the ham which you can get by killing an enemy in the room at 15. We start at 1 which on our map is towards the bottom right corner of the top level. While Lorelei heads right we go left towards 3. You'll also unlock. Then to 16 for the last Typhon Log and then head up the hill and into the big building at the top. Once you've picked the mug up head back to 5 and before you get chance to actually do anything drop pods will come down and release some more enemies. If you look skyward you should see a radio tower with our first dead claptrap of the area on it. As soon as I killed Shiv I unlocked: Complete mission “Children of the Vault”. Carry on towards the quest marker which is at 4 and head inside where you'll have a quick chat with Failurebot, who will task you with clearing out the Jabbers. Honestly at this point…who tf … You'll need to get in a technical at the catch a ride at the bottom, so hop in one and follow the markers. Once that's seen to head up to the top level and through the door at the quest marker to fine a metric buttload of loot in an assortment of chests, one of which is a red chest before you drop down the hole in the floor. Drive further on and repeat the process again to get through another door, and you'll come to the entrance of a corridor, which means it's time to on on foot! 1 Like. Once it's destroyed carry on to 7 which will be an abandoned pharmacy. This should be the point you unlock. The only actual tip I can really offer is I found I had more luck if I didn't sprint jump. Head back outside and go to the Deaddrop at 12 before coming back to the quest marker at 13. This one is Baron Noggin. Run up and kill everything you see. Aside from the driver and gunner, two additional characters can sit in the rear truck bed, and can fire their conventional on-foot weaponry while on board. Borderlands 3 is a game all about exploration and finding the best weapons possible. Borderlands 3 Hammerlocked. Throw 5 grenades through the righthand most hoop to get another optional objective. Go back to 13 again to hand in the quest. Head to 4 from here to investigate the fuse box and activate the next part of the quest.

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