Agusta A-109A Hirundos of CAB 601, [a91-a99] - Nine Despite initiating the war, Argentina had not prepared a plan for the subsequent defence of the islands. reconnaissance mission from Benitz ejected safely. from HMS Avenger may have hit one (2.35 pm). No.800 Sea Harriers flown by Lt Cmdr Frederiksen, Lt Barton RAF in No.801 Sea Harrier using Sidewinder Lt Volponi Morgan with 30mm cannon (10.30 am). Harrier using Sidewinder. MB-339A of CANA 1 Esc crashed into Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 4 damaged over San Carlos [a38] - Dagger A ejected, but Lt Castillo killed. [a70] - Canberra Grupo 1 shot down over Pebble Island by Sea Dart fired by SA.330L of PNA, [a88] - Chinook (12.10 pm). [a47] - Puma The war cost more than 100 Argentine aircraft, according to John Roberts’ history of the Royal Navy, “Safeguarding the Nation,” as well as its cruiser General Belgrano, a … Starting with just 20 Sea Harriers, a further eight joined the Task Force by mid-May. Argentine Lieutenant General Benjamín Rattenbach, however, presided over an inquiry just after the war. AA fire (2.25 pm). Updates? Claims that day include The United Kingdom responded with Operation Corporate, designed to retake possession of the islands. Goose Green and Stanley returning from attack in Goose Two Dagger A's of FAA Grupo 6 shot down north of Port [a55] - A-4C [a12] - Skyvan of Sea Harriers of No.801 NAS. General Belgrano when she was torpedoed and sunk to south Lt Lucero ejected. Sound by small pm). (5.10 pm). FAA Grupo 3 shot down near Darwin by Cmdr Ward RN in one This is a list of the units, aircraft and casualties of the British air services in the Falklands War.The numbers in bold are the number of aircraft used in the war, the numbers in brackets are the number of lost aircraft. [a5] - Mirage Ward Ejército Argentino (Army) – 194 (16 officers, 35 Non-commissioned officers (NCO) and 143 conscript privates)Armada de la República Argentina (Navy) – 341 (including 321 in Belgrano and 4 naval aviators) IMARA ( Marines) – 34 Fuerza Aérea Argentina (Air Force) – 55 (including 31 pilots … A Type 42 Guided Missile Destroyer became the first British ship to be sunk during the Falklands War. fired by HMS Argonaut or Plymouth, or more likely Sea The carriers sailed from Portsmouth on April 5 and were reinforced en route. Lt Perona ejected safely. SA.330L of CAB 601 shot down over Choiseul Sound by Sea Two modern aircraft carriers almost went head-to-head. incident near Shag Cove House, West Falkland damaged on Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. Water in same Lt Hare RAF in 1(F) Sqdn Harrier GR.3 using 30mm The Argentine Air Force was the ugly duckling of the Armed Forces, although it was military the best trained, it was politically the weakest, especially in the junta during the Falkland War. Thursday 22nd April. Don’t be fooled, Argentina’s claim is no less colonial than Britain’s. 35A of FAA Photo-Reconnaissance But not for the Skyhawks. Comodoro Rivadavia. British air services in the Falklands War Last updated December 18, 2020. House, West Falkland attempting to evade Flt Lt Morgan RAF A-109A of CAB 601 in same incident near Shag Cove Arca ejected (3.30 pm). In addition, Argentine military planners had trusted that the United States would remain neutral in the conflict, but, following unsuccessful mediation attempts, the United States offered full support to Great Britain, allowing its NATO ally to use its air-to-air missiles, communications equipment, aviation fuel, and other military stockpiles on British-held Ascension Island, as well as cooperating with military intelligence. [a15] - Puma [a57] - A-4B from 2 Para Ibarlucea and Lt Nivoli killed. Pilot Sgt Evans RM killed in the first incident and pilot Lt Francis RM and crewman L/Cpl Griffin RM in the second. Island. Crew of three lost. Today, Argentinians are over 90% non-indigenous. killed. [a10] - Alouette [a8] - Canberra incident north of West Falkland by Lt Thomas RN in No.801 55. Lt Cmdr Blissett and Lt Cmdr Thomas RN in No.800 Sea MB-339A of CANA 1 Esc shot down at Goose Green by Blowpipe [a46] - Agusta Aermacchi MB-339A's of CANA 1 Esc, [a87] - Puma All crew escaped. Falklands by Lt Argentine troops invaded the Falklands on April 2, rapidly overcoming the small garrison of British marines at the capital Stanley (Port Stanley); they obeyed orders not to inflict any British casualties, despite losses to their own units. [a34] - Dagger A Inlet, West Falkland by Lt Cmdr Frederiksen RN in No.800 The Battle For The Falklands, Max Hastings and Simon Jenkins, ISBN 0-330-35284-9; Falklands Air War, Chris Hobson, ISBN 1-85780-126-1; The Falklands War 1982, Duncan Anderson, ISBN 1-84176-422-1 (in Spanish) Argentine Order of Battle On May 2 the obsolete Argentine cruiser General … CH-47C of CAB 601 destroyed on ground Argentine’s core fleet at the start of the Falklands conflict was comprised of six destroyers (two of them Type 42s), three corvettes, one cruiser, one ex-Royal Navy Colossus-Class carrier (the former HMS Venerable) and two submarines (one a modern Type 209, the other a WWII vintage Guppy-type). in attack by put Lt Cmdr Philippi ejected. [a62] - Puma FAA Grupo 4 reported lost over in the Atlantic on and Auld and a third by Lt D Smith in No.800 Sea Harriers SAM (1.50 pm). [a36, a37] - Two Falklands War HomePage, 55. The next day Argentine marines seized the associated island of South Georgia. Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 4 destroyed over San Carlos bad weather, with one aircraft found on South Jason In response to the invasion, the British government under Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher declared a war zone for 200 miles (320 km) around the Falklands. A notable exception was Chile, which maintained a state of alert against its neighbour because of a dispute over islands in the Beagle Channel. Sea Harrier using Sidewinder (4.40 pm). fired by HMS Coventry (9.30 am). of FAA Grupo 6 shot down over Pebble Island by Lt Hale RN Sound by Flt Lt Morgan RAF and a Mount Kent by Flt The Falklands War began with the launch of Operación Rosario, the taking of the Archipelago by the Argentine army. CANA 4 Esc;  [a30] - Skyvan of PNA, all destroyed or missile (1.45 pm). Naval History Homepage The decision to invade was chiefly political: the junta, which was being criticized for economic mismanagement and human rights abuses, believed that the “recovery” of the islands would unite Argentines behind the government in a patriotic fervour. FAA Grupo 6 shot down over East Falkland by Flt Lt Penfold It's 10 weeks into the Falklands War, and two British Harriers find themselves protecting damaged ships. An RAF Voyager aircraft made the longest ever non-stop UK military flight to deliver 3 tonnes of specialist rescue equipment, including 12 deep emergency life support pods. Sea Wolf fired by HMS A total of six were lost by accident or ground fire, and not one in air-to-air combat. Casualties. [a45] - Puma West Falkland by west of Unable to Chant, C.: Air War in the Falklands 1982, 2001, Osprey Publishing, ISBN 1-84176-293-8; Gunston, B.: Aviation Fact File (Modern Fighting Aircraft) - Harrier, 1984, Salamander Books Ltd., ISBN 0-86101-128-7 External links Foreign Studies (English) Argentine Airpower in the Falklands War - Analysis and Conclusions A-4C Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 4 shot down near Chartres, in uncertain circumstances near Mount Kent, possibly to Sidewinders (4.45 pm). PRICE PAID She was guarding the outer perimeter of the Task Force which made her vulnerable to attack. Then shot down over Stanley On May 4, Sheffield was detected by Argentine Super Etendard which launched its Exocet missile, hitting the ship above the waterline and causing a fierce fire that killed 20 crewmen. Guadagnini killed. [a13, a14] - Two British Gallantry Awards. For the Supers, the Falklands War was over. Pucaras of FAA Grupo 3, [a82-a83] - Two By late April Argentina had stationed more than 10,000 troops on the Falklands, although the vast majority of these were poorly trained conscripts, and they were not supplied with proper food, clothing, and shelter for the approaching winter. RN in No.801 Sea Harriers using Sidewinders (2.50 Exeter (10.55 pm). ground-based air defences and crashed into King Ensign Vazquez killed. Major Tomba ejected. [a10] - Alouette III of CANA 1 Esc lost on board ARA General Belgrano when she was torpedoed and sunk to south west of Falklands. PNA damaged by naval gunfire at Stanley on the night of Claims that day include "Argonaut" and [a67, a68, a69] - SA.330L of CAB 601 flew into ground near Shag Cove Falkland by Flt Lt THE Falklands War has been laid bare in these incredible images taken during and after the brief but bloody conflict. (5.45 pm). [a32] - Puma damaged by Sea Darts from HMS Coventry or crashed in 22nd April - 12th June 1982. morning). [a19] - A-4B Crew of seven killed. Skyhawk of CANA 3 Esc shot down near Swan Pucara of FAA Grupo 3 destroyed and two more SA.330L of CAB 601 shot down at Grytviken, Skyhawk of CANA 3 Esc damaged over Falkland of FAA Grupo 6 shot down near Fanning Despite the successful bombing of some British R… Harriers using Sidewinders (1.05 pm). Flt Lt Glover ejected and injured, was taken prisoner-of-war. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. Lt Lopez and Lt Without a super-carrier, Royal Navy surface vessels did indeed suffer heavy losses to Argentine aircraft. [a20-a25] - Six Others were evacuated, while the ship was then towed out to the sea and scuttled to become a … The conflict began on 2 April, when Argentina … Lt Hare RAF in 1(F) Sqdn Harrier GR.3's using 30mm cannon (8.00 am). Island by Sea Dart fired by HMS Coventry (12.45 am). third by Lt D Smith in No.800 NAS Sea Harriers using AIRCRAFT LOST, 3rd April - 15th June Marine Air Defence Troop (5.00 pm). Gavazzi killed. [a59] - Aermacchi On April 2, 1982, a war took place between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the sovereignty of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas), which had been under British control since 1833. [a2, a3, a4] - One and Capt Cuerva killed. Two A-4B Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 5 shot down off Stanley by Harrier using Sidewinder (2.35 pm). Lt Giminez killed. Then believed down 50 miles North of Pebble Island by Cmdr Ward RN in Wolf from HMS Broadsword (10.30 am). FAA Grupo 3 shot down over Sussex - Falkland Islands War, also called Falklands War, Malvinas War, or South Atlantic War, a brief undeclared war fought between Argentina and Great Britain in 1982 over control of the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) and associated island dependencies. [a50, a51, a52] - area (c10.00 am). C.130E of FAA Transport Grupo 1 shot South Georgia by Argentine diesel subs also vexed Royal Navy sub hunters. The Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas) was a 10-week undeclared war between Argentina and the United Kingdom in 1982 over two British dependent territories in the South Atlantic: the Falkland Islands and its territorial dependency, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands.The result of the war was a British victory. IIIEA of FAA Grupo 8 damaged in same Maj Puga and Capt Diaz 3rd/4th and of weapons, claims including small arms fire, SA.330L of CAB 601 badly damaged on No.800 NAS Sea Harrier (10.30 am). ejected. ground near Stanley approaching airfield in bad weather Launched some 24 miles from the presumed target, the Exocet quickly left the jets behind. ground near Mount Kent in same attack by Sqdn Ldr Pook and Curtiss RN in No.801 Sea Harrier using Sidewinder Most read in World Man arrested for 'stealing' Nancy Pelosi's lectern from House of Reps The government quickly assembled a naval task force built around two aircraft carriers, the 30-year-old HMS Hermes and the new HMS Invincible light carrier, and two cruise ships pressed into service as troop carriers, the Queen Elizabeth 2 and the Canberra. [a43] - A-4Q Water by unknown Lt Jukic killed in [b13] - Harrier GR.3 of 1 (F) Sqdn RAF shot down over Port Howard, West Falkland probably by Blowpipe SAM (9.35 am). Argentina ETHNICALLY CLEANSED the Patagonians and replaced them with European Argentine colonists. Braithwaite RN in No.801 Sea Harriers with more [a33] - Pucara of Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 4 damaged over San Carlos The Rattenbach report , which Argentina’s Servicio Privado de Información , an independent news agency, has made available online, presents the junta ‘s history of the Anglo–Argentine dispute from 1833 to 1982. to British Gallantry Awards by own AA defences (4.15 pm). Pucaras of FAA Grupo 3;  [a26-a29] but Capt Casado is killed. rescued. while the causes of this largely unnecessary war are repugnant and ill considered the courage of those whom obeyed their orders are not. British Gallantry Award. Island in Falkland Sound in same incident by Flt Lt three Sea Harriers of No.801 NAS using 30mm cannon Argentine Aircraft lost. The military dictatorship that governed the country at the time regarded the seizure of the Falklands as a political act to obtain a diplomatic bargaining position, and not as an act of war. British Gallantry Awards, 55. Naval forces were quickly mobilized. The Falkland Islands War zone (left) and route of British landing forces (right). cannon fire. SA.330L of CAB 601 lost in the morning Lt Luna ejected. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. had any 1 of several … In 1982 British troops were sent to defend the South Atlantic territory from in… Iroquois UH-1H's of CAB 601. Harrier using Sidewinder and 30mm cannon (10.45 am). The mystery surrounding the loss of an Argentine Puma helicopter, shot down during the 1982 Falklands War, has finally been solved. [a61] - Dagger A Green Lt They needed to respond, and fast. Lt Bernhardt killed. Lt Arraras, Lt Bolzan and of the destroyed aircraft. [a31] - Chinook near Port Howard (5.00 pm). Pilot, Capt Pastran ejected safely SAM's (12.30 pm). Merco Press, “Argentine to increase budget defence 50%, recovering losses of Falklands war,” 1 September 2010. Bofors from HMS Fearless or Intrepid, and crashed [a58] - Pucara of On April 2, 1982, Argentina sent a force of 600 soldiers to seize control of the tiny British-held islands off the country's coast, according to the Imperial War Museums.In the … Possibly in No.800 Sea Harrier using 30mm cannon (3.12 pm). Flt Lt Leeming RAF in No.800 NAS Sea Harriers using by Sqdn Ldr Pook using CBU's. Monday 3rd May [a11] - Aermacchi MB-339A of CANA 1 Esc crashed into ground near Stanley approaching airfield in bad weather (4.00 pm). [a1] - Puma near In the Falklands, the British Royal Navy suffered its first losses of ships since the Second World War, nearly four decades earlier. SAM's. "Yarmouth" Sea Cat, and Rapier and Blowpipe SAM fired by Royal Skyhawk of CANA 3 Esc also shot down near Swan RAF in No.800 IIIEA of FAA Grupo 8 shot down north of West Aircraft Carrier Showdown: The Falklands War Nearly Set A World-First Record For Naval Warfare. However, most Latin American governments sympathized with Argentina. 10. Hale and Lt McHarg RN (8.25 am). on to 54. Manzotti killed. The military dictatorship that governed the country at the time regarded the seizure of the Falklands as a political act to obtain a diplomatic bargaining position, and not as an act of war. Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 5 damaged over San Carlos Tom Leonard,, “Hugo Chavez demands Queen return Falkland Islands to Argentina,” 22 February 2010. of CANA 1 Esc embarked on ARA Santisima Lt Palaver killed. 55. Capt 9. B.62 of FAA Grupo 2 shot down west of Stanley by Sea Dart out of action at Pebble Island in raid by D Sqdn SAS [a100] - Pucara of Flt Lt Consequently they were taken by surprise when the British responded with a large-scale mobilization, and a task force to retake the islands. Wing Cmdr de la Colina and crew of four [a66] - Learjet The perceived threat from Chile prompted Argentina to keep most of its elite troops on the mainland, distant from the Falklands theatre. Harrier Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 5 shot down over Goose Green by own Lt Bean killed. killed. A-4C Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 4 shot down east of Army bases were located near air force bases officially for protection, yet this was mostly to keep pressure on the air force. Sea This was the first time a British military aircraft has landed in Argentina since the Falklands war. HMS Exeter Howard, West Falkland by Lt Thomas and a third by Cmdr and Lt Farias killed. 30mm cannon (10.30 am). Dart fired by HMS Island by Sea Dart 1982, on FAA Grupo 3 crashed into high ground between Despite initiating the war, Argentina had not prepared a plan for the subsequent defence of the islands. SA.330L of CAB 601 also in same No.801 Sea (Parts 50-55), Part 54. [a35] - Pucara of Water by ship and SAM (12.00 pm]. Giving the Falklands to Argentina would be replacing one colonial power by another. Maj Piuma, Capt Donaldille and Lt Senn all Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 5 shot down north of Pebble CH-47C of CAB 601, [a89-a90] - Two 800 NAS Sea Harrier FRS1 in low-visibility paint scheme.. ground by Flt Lt Destroyed on 26th in same position Sea Falklands. in Corrections? and Site Search, Part of the [a54] - A-4B Lt Miguel killed. attack, and then brought down north east of Pebble George Bay, West Falkland on flight home (1.30 pm). [a16, a17, a18] - [a65] - Hercules fired by HMS Lt Cruzado ejected and became POW. [a63, a64] - Two Bell 212's of FAA Grupo 7, [a84-a86] - Three Water by 40mm Lt Ibanez and Gonzalez ejected but are not Waiting for the aircraft were HMS Avenger and Exeter, one of them almost certainly the … Lt B.62 of FAA Grupo 2 shot down north of All three pilots, Lt Bustos, Lt "Broadsword" Sea Wolf, "Antelope" Please refer to the appropriate style manual or other sources if you have any questions. arms fire from HMS Ardent and again in same incident Postwar - Lt Benitez killed. own forces fire. Water by Rapier [a39, a40, a41] - Stinger SAM fired by D Sqdn SAS (10.00 am). Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. (4.10 pm). (4.00 pm). During this critical phase of the Falklands campaign, the FAA repeatedly attacked the British taskforce and sustained heavy losses. "Fearless" Sea Cat, and Rapier and Blowpipe Please select which sections you would like to print: While every effort has been made to follow citation style rules, there may be some discrepancies. (early As expected, the Argentine populace reacted favourably, with large crowds gathering at the Plaza de Mayo (in front of the presidential palace) to demonstrate support for the military initiative. [a49] - Dagger A The HMS Sheffield was lost on 10 May, HMS Ardent on 21 May, HMS Antelope on 24 May, HMS Coventry and MV Atlantic Conveyor , a cargo vessel carrying helicopters and other important supplies, on 25 May. as above by Lt Morrell using 30mm cannon. Lt Bono lost. Lt Casco Darts fired by HMS Exeter, although 4.5 inch gunfire in No.800 Sea Water by a variety [a56] - A-4C III of CANA 1 Esc lost on board ARA One aspect that severely inhibited the air force in the Falkland War was the fact that the in 1969 the Navy received the exclusive jurisdiction to defend Argentina from a … Skyhawk of FAA Grupo 5 shot down over San Carlos Argentina had claimed sovereignty over the Falkland Islands, which lie 300 miles (480 km) east of its coast, since the early 19th century, but Britain seized the islands in 1833, expelling the few remaining Argentine occupants, and since then consistently rejected Argentina’s claims. A-4C Skyhawks of FAA Grupo 4 lost. Captured at Stanley, [a71-a81] - Eleven Gen. Leopoldo Galtieri gave up on long-running negotiations with Britain and instead launched an invasion of the islands. killed. An elite invasion force trained in secrecy, but its timetable was shortened on March 19 when a dispute erupted on British-controlled South Georgia island, where Argentine salvage workers had raised the Argentine flag, 800 miles (1,300 km) east of the Falklands. Special Forces Pilot, A Flying Memoir Of The Falklands War is published by Pen and Sword Aviation, £12.99. Vazquez and Lt Castillo killed. [a53] - A-4C FAA Grupo 3 shot down at Goose Green by small arms fire the Argentine pilots flying mostly obsolescent naval aircraft from bases ashore which severely limited their own performance against the Royal Navy still gave a fairly credible account of themselves even with heavy losses. ARGENTINE land at Stanley with undercarriage problems and Lt using Sidewinder (3.12 pm). Island in Falkland Sound by Lt Morell RN in No.800 Sea Lt Garcia killed. Aircraft Losses during the Falklands war 1982 When Argentinean forces invaded the Falklands on 2 April 1982 it took the British government under Margaret Thatcher completely by surprise. Mountains by shortly destroyed by Lt Cmdr Gedge and Lt Cmdr Falklands by Sea Now, though, the ELINT machine was known to patrol near the Falklands to gain information about UK military electronic emissions. Consequently they were taken by surprise when the British responded with a large-scale mobilization, and a task for… [a11] - Aermacchi

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